One more thing about donations:

Please consider making a recurrent contribution instead of a one-off one. This would help us greatly to continue working on F-Droid more consistently in the future.

We are currently at a point where the donations can *almost* pay for part-time development instead of being just able to pay for a coffee. Donations being recurrent instead of one-time help make that a lot more sustainable. :-).

@fdroidorg Does it mean that for you a small but recurrent contribution is better than whatever one can afford at a time but less regularly?

@pfm In principle yes, there's a catch though unfortunately. Payment processing fees are pretty steep for small transactions, so pooling them into one bigger, less frequent transaction might make sense as well.

@Liberapay works around this by transactions being made upfront in a bigger chunk but then attributed to x€ per week; and reminding you to renew when the money is "used up".


I still prefer the good old bank transfer to support FOSS projects or associations. Would that be an alternative?
@pfm @Liberapay

@Lars_Roskoden What payment methods are available?
The available payment methods depend on which payment processors are supported by the recipient. If a payment is processed by Stripe, then most credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) are accepted, as well as SEPA Direct Debits (for Euro donations only). If a payment is through PayPal, then it's possible to pay in various ways, however the donor needs to have or create a PayPal account.

If that's what a SEPA Direct Debit is

I wish Bank Transfers were a common practice in the US It's possible but the lack of trust in the system makes banks discourage it So, it's a PITA to do one

@Lars_Roskoden @fdroidorg @pfm @Liberapay What's good about them?

Not meaning to troll. I always had terrible experience with international wires: they're slow, expensive and sometimes you get a call from the bank telling you that you shouldn't send money to "strange people" on the Internet 😂

@codewiz @Lars_Roskoden @fdroidorg @pfm @Liberapay
Wait they tell you not to send money even in small amounts? That's weird.

@Dashtop @Lars_Roskoden @fdroidorg @pfm @Liberapay No, I was trying to transfer $2500 the time they called me up and treated me like a gullible grandpa. It delayed the wire by a week or so.

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