Hm, gute Chancen, dass meine Frage ein bisschen zu spezifisch ist, aber ich versuche es trotzdem mal:
Ich habe hier ein Yealink T46S SIP-Telefon. Im Administration Guide steht beim Parameter features.flash_url_dsskey_led.enable: "The LED indicator behavior depends on the response message from the server when you press the
URL DSS key on the phone." Nirgends (bzw. habe ich es noch nicht gefunden) ist definiert, welche Responses was bewirken. Wo finde ich Infos dazu? :boost_ok:

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@Truck Thanks for your response! I've skimmed through that document a few times before but sadly it doesn't seem to hold any valuable information for this problem.


That tends to be my experience with these vendors.
I've not needed to work with DSS myself, but when I got to a problem I couldn't solve, it was always "sniff the network" and "analyize with wireshark."

I imagine you'll be doing that quite a bit...

@Truck Just noticed the feature to directly export pcap from the phone side as well as the syslog. However I doubt that I could get information about the response it expects from a pcap. 🤔


No, for that, you have to know what the SERVER expects (or, so was the case for what I was debugging.)

Not knowing both sides is ... well, it CAN be fun. The sort of frustrating fun that engineers enjoy, but also hate.

HOPEFULLY someone else is doing this somewhere on fedi (:

@Truck I've already trying answering with different Status Codes but at least with the most common ones it does nothing.

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