@Tusky 19 Beta 1 landed in @fdroidorg today and I totally love it! @unifiedpush support is awesome and works very well! Thanks for that awesome feature! 🤩

@t_aus_m @Tusky @fdroidorg @unifiedpush Its very cool to see more and more apps adopting this awesome technology to allow for a decentralized alternative to googles FCM 😎.

@t_aus_m @Tusky @fdroidorg @unifiedpush And guess what? I just got a notification and it arrived just as fast as the one from the offical mastodon app which iirc uses fcm. No longer will you have to trade off battery life or notification speed for privacy! 🤯

@BobIsMyManager @t_aus_m @Tusky i am also really happy, about the implementation from @unifiedpush .

But it does not work for me. Just the half of accounts has an re-login Banner. For no of them i see an entry in my UnifiedPush Provider.

Is there any setting view or so, to see current state or the button for reregister in provider.

@genofire @t_aus_m @Tusky @unifiedpush Do you have a @unifiedpush provider installed on your phone like ntfy? Try installing it and afterwords try login again:

@BobIsMyManager @t_aus_m @Tusky @unifiedpush yes, i use @unifiedpush already for SchildiChat an other tools.

Like i say, i do not see any registered Tusky in the UnifiedPush Provider.

@genofire @t_aus_m @Tusky @unifiedpush Thats pretty strange. And no, there doesn't seem to be a way to view the notification push provider settings.

@Tusky @genofire so to confirm, you have Tusky v19, beta 1? Did it ask you to re-login to all accounts after you updated?

@unifiedpush @Tusky yes and yes. But just for some accounts, not all four accounts. After manuelle logout on account 3+4, @unifiedpush started to work for account 1+2. Afterwards a login again with account 3+4.

So it works like expected, now ;)

One question, why is @unifiedpush set up after "all" accounts in @Tusky get pushnotification permission and not if any of the accounts.

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