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because here I can read about radically new ideas, , , , , , , and many more ideas which challenge and sometimes opposes our current system and world view. It's a place for change and it self lives this change. It challenges current social media technology and design. It supports it's users and promotes a healthy view on society and it's people by design.
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Angehefteter Beitrag

The is the place to be to experience night life in . But in recent it developed into a deprived area at night. Alcohol, violence, migrants vs does the media say. The mayor says it's due to the excessive alcohol consumption.
Time get another perspective. This night I talked to a local (late shop) owner about his experience. Maybe it was obvious but it seems like the mayor was wrong. Tomorrow I'll write my report.

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لا أسياد ولا آلهة

no gods, no masters

by Mouneer Al Shaarani

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Ich war ja dann doch schon etwas überrascht, als ich gesehen habe, dass ich auf der Hauptbühne bei den sein werde....

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Wie wärs, bei jedem mal wenn der Hashtag #Sabine fällt trinken wir nen Rum :D .... Oh, Prost !!

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The greatest crimes in the world are not committed by people breaking the rules. It's people who follow orders that drop bombs and massacre villages. As a precaution to ever committing major acts of evil it is our solemn duty never to do what we're told, this is the only way we can be sure.
-- Banksy

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Wow, listening to binaural beats while studying is amazing! It works really great for me and makes me feel like I am in super focus mode O.O

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Has someone material/links/ressources on how
in the exactly works?

Currently I am working on an about the . I am looking for a flowchart explaining how |s are "flowing" through the network. I've seen it a couple of month ago but I cannot find it anymore.

Die Fahrt Hbf - Hbf kostet 10,95€ mit der Deutschen Bahn. Die Gleiche Verbindung, gleiche Uhrzeit, nur zwei Haltestelle früher in Magdeburg Herrenkrug aussteigen kostet 13,95€...

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I'm tryn to learn:

- How to make devices running #iOS usable in terms of privacy?

Is that even possibe?
For systems runing windows, one can get a linux distro.
For systems running android, one can get a linux distro free of google surveillance such as #lineage, #replicant or even a #KDE based one.

And for iOS? Especially looking for solutions for (not the newest) #apple phones and ipads.
And if that's not really possible, is there a freesoftware appstore similiar to #fdroid available?

/ yes, propably the my best bet would be to not use apple, but that's not the question here :-p

// why I want to learn it: Many still use it, or have an old spare ipad/iphone that they are keen to give away for people less econmically equiped. Thought I want to help protecting the privacy of those less economically equiped, by teaching/updating their systems.

Currently I kind of know nothing about the topic, so I'm happy about any hints.


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Are there any #solarpunk #podcasts out there? Looking for recommendations on anything focused on off grid/minimalist/eco friendly living with a tech bent.

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admin, instance, 

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counting me money, money sweeter than honey, money, money, this, money, money, that, profits will make me wallet fat!

Maybe I should organize a ...
Step 1: Get people interested in improving and protecting their digital lives.
Step 2: Wait for step 1 to happen...

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