Guys, I am tired of people posting screenshots, graphs, "news" and "information" without a reference to a source. All that is useless unless it's verifiable with a quick search. The fediverse isn't resistant against false information just because it's the fediverse. Use common sense, ask for a source and debunk fake news.


Let's make the #Fediverse a place with #COR near the infinite. ;)


Ob man dieser Quelle dann auch trauen kann, weiß man trotzdem nicht. Die Art der Kommunikation wird sich nur ändern, wenn man selbst als gutes Beispiel voran geht.

@nippon Kommt auf die Quelle an, aber ich verstehe deinen Punkt.

@witziege we could also start making the Fediverse more inclusive ;)

But also +1 for facts and sources

@schubisu I totally agree. Source for this one: Back in highschool my English teacher told us using guys referring to girls and boys is fine. So I used it that way. I agree it's not gender neutral.

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