The more I learn about the messenger the more I come to belief my computer nerd bubble is super biased. They point out a lot of negatives but it turns out most of them are not true. But nerd bubble...why should I stop using Telegram?


Here are my personal negative points about telegram: No control over encryption keys, non-free server software (but thats arguably not so problematic b/c how to verify anyway), centralized, not federated...that's it for now.

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@witziege Thats why I deleted my #Telegram Account at the end of last year. I use #Matrix as daily messenger now.

@witziege IMO the biggest problem is no end-to-end encryption by default - a company that can access way more of your chats by default than WhatsApp can is not really a good WhatsApp alternative IMO.

If E2EE isn't a required feature (e.g. for mostly public group chats) or when paying attention to using secret chats, it's definitely not a bad software though, especially from a UX perspective.

@momar @tastytea Missing E2EE in default chats should be a dealbreaker for me. I knew about that already but I got fooled by Durov's euphemistic framing on Telegrams encryption methods. His use of words suggest Telegram is a save messenger for the majority of people but it's basically like having the traditional post to seal your envelopes...not very convincing.

@witziege You can't use it without a valid phone number, or can you? Also it's unclear how telegram is financed, which is only a problem because E2EE is not the standard and server code is not openly available.

@t_aus_m Yes, you need a phone number to register and verify. The financial situtation will be a bit more clear when Telegram introduces ads in one-to-many chats later this year.
Closed server software doesnt matter from my pov b/c you cant verify it anyway and its impossible to self host.

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